Why Change your oil?

A cars engine oil keeps the car running smoothly by lubricating the internal components of an engine. There are thousands of engine components that work in sync in order to keep the car running. Almost all of these components are made of metal and continuously moving or rubbing against other components. Without oil lubricating, these parts would wear out a lot quicker and be costly to repair.

Why You Have to Change the Oil?

As oil moves it picks up dirt and other small pieces of debris from the engine. While this helps to keep the engine free of these particles, over time the oil gets too dirty to be effective. The tiny particle can stick together over time and cause costly damages to the motor. This is why its important to change the oil based on the manufacturers recommendation.

An oil change at CarNation:.

CarNation provides oil changes for all makes and models. Regular oil changes will keep your car running smoothly and elongate the life of your car. With every oil change, we’ll also give you a 14-point inspection and make sure your filters, fluids, belts and tires are ready for the road.

  • Oil Change with conventional or full synthetic oil
  • Install New Oil Filter
  • Lube Chassis*
  • Check and Top off** Radiator Coolant
  • Check and Top off** Power Steering Fluid
  • Check and Top off** Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Inspect Battery Fluid and Top Off*
  • Visually Check Brake Fluid Level
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Inspect Cabin Air Filter*
  • Inspect Wiper Blades
  • Inspect Belts and Hoses
  • Check and Set Tire Pressure
  • Free Top-Off Service
  • * Where applicable ** Up to 1/2 Pint

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